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December 4, 2009
The digital version of the "Timeless Chicago" EP on Synapsis Records is now available on Stompy.com

You might recognize "Skid" from Mark Farina or Dj Sneak's recorded sets from Zentra nightclub from November of 2005.

This EP includes a digi only Avondale track, as well as, one by Hakim Murphy.

Hakim Murphy - Them Shit Shinobi                        alt link

Hakim Murphy - Sands of Time (Digi Exclusive)      alt link

Avondale Music Society - Skid                              alt link  

Avondale Music Society - Hot Air (Digi Exclusive)
   alt link

If you are looking for the Mauser or G. Marcell tracks from the vinyl release (below), they were previously released digitally on Stompy.com and JunoDownload.com

September 5th, 2009
New vinyl treat out now. Available at Gramaphone (US), Juno (UK), Word and Sound (Germany) and other fine vinyl retailers.
a1 alt link b1 alt link
a2 alt link b2 alt link

April 6th, 2009

This is an old new mix. Don't get that confused with a new old mix.

  Cushion OG

tracklist 3-20-09

Cleptomaniacs / Numero Uno
DJ Q / T.O.P.K.
Herbert / 100 lbs (Edit)
Chris Harris & Dominic Martin / Jazzmag (Strakes & Dafeet Remix)
Todd Edwards / Fly Away (Fresh & Low Remix)
Avondale Music Society / Drinking Cup (OG Cushion Mix)
Beefy T / Sticky Face
Pete Dafeet / Life In Dub
Natural Rhythm / Jive (Dub Drums)
Lidell Towsend / Nu Nu
Krome - The Real Jazz (Edit)
Model 500 / No UFO's (D-Mix)
Fade To Black / In Synch
Hieroglyphic Being / Gargle
Green Velvet / I Want To Leave My Body


Legar De Main preview

Dancin' preview

Available now on Stompy.com


Sept 4th , 2008

New mix for ya.

  People on the Move



May 20th, 2008

I want to thank Leidra and Andre Leone for bringing me out to Columbus. I had a great time.

Here is a new mix. Starts out deeper, goes techy/spacey, then gets a bit confused.





May 10th , 2008

The Two Takes EP [Synapsis-001] is now available digitally on Stompy.com


Feb 26, 2008

New VINYL release out now.
Click here for online onesheet or here for full release info..

Preview clip of "Forte"

Preview clip of "Close to the Edge"


April 17, 2008

Well, after 6 years, I've finally redesigned the website. This is the grand re-opening and here is your free gift for showing up. Thank you, come again.  Old site here.


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