From the deepest depths of the Chicago underground, we introduce Synapsis Records.  A label that defies and defines the genre we lovingly call house.  On this first release, we get a sampling of what’s to come from two well-respected Chicago dj/producers, Inbum Cho aka the Avondale Music Society and Hakim Murphy.

On side A, Inbum aka the Avondale Music Society lays down the law with two completely original house gems.  Inbum had his breakthrough release in 2002 by way of a Mark Farina compilation on OM records and since then has released tracks on Bunchlox Music, Mindshift, and Loveslap Recordings.

Track A1: “Forte” is a deep and troubling synth bass monster.  With its spooky pads and menacing bassline, this track conjures up thoughts of classic spaghetti western cinema.
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Track A2: "Close To The Edge" is featured on one of Mark Farina’s underground-only mix compilations.  The complex basslines, playful drums and emo vocals by Inbum, make this tune work for both head bobbers and rump shakers.
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On side B, Hakim Murphy presents two joints that showcase the talent and flavor that are distinctly Chicago bred.  His track, "Space Impediment" was recently licensed for Dan Curtin’s "Interstellar Groove Addictions" compilation on Tuning Spork Records.  Hakim’s sound spans the house/techno spectrum, which is evident in his releases on Random Access Recordings, Planet Detroit, and Metamorphic Recordings.

Track B1: "micro303" is an arppegiated synth jam.  The sonic waves of synth and drums will take the listener on a hyperspace pilgrimage to the holy lands.
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Track B2: "1stOnincho" is a funky, percussion based house piece that moves along nicely with its sweet chords and commanding bass stabs.
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Receiving support from Alex from Tokyo (Toyko Black Star), Mark Farina, Dan Curtain, Diz and Charles Spencer.

Gramaphone [Chicago]
Groove Distribution [Chicago]
Downtown304 [NYC]
Opus Records [NYC]
DJ Hut [DC]
Poo-Bas [Cleveland]
Primal [SF]
Ameoba [SF & LA]
Twist and Shout [Denver]

Juno [UK]
Phonica [UK]
100% Dance [UK]
Heavy Crates [UK]
Piccadilly Records [UK]
Punk'ID Records [Belgium]
Vinyl France [France]
Nuloop [France]
Word and Sound [Germany]
Loop 23 [Germany]
DeeCoo [Germany]
Decks Records [Germany]
mBeat [Germany]
p45 records [Zurich]
Underground Solution [Hamburg] [Czech, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Neatherlands]
Plak [Geneva]

Rocking Horse [Australia]

Groove Distribution
Contact: Hakim Murphy

Synapsis-001 onesheet PDF format
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