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m i x  t a p e  l i s t         g u e s t b o o k        d i s c o g r a p h y
e v e n t s         
l i n k s          i m a g e s
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who is the avondale music society?



Ok folks,
New VINYL release out now.
Click for all the info here.

Happy New Year (to you lunar calandar people).
Added the tracklisting for my new mix
"30 is the new 30" here.

New DJ Mix
Inbum Cho - "30 is the new 30" 1-5-07

Going.com for all the details....

New DJ mix posted.
Inbum Cho - Egg Style [direct mp3 link]
Lots of different styles here.
TRACKLISTING and more here.
Thanks to the Cleveland crew for
throwing a great party and having me play.
Also, thanks to Karl and TSR for having me
play at Grizzled and everyone else
that's been booking me this past summer.


Want a flyer like this for your event?
Hit me up and I will make one for you.

From the desk of The Sound Republic....
"This month at Grizzled is going to absolutely BONKERS!
We have contacted everyone in our immediate circle
and started spreading nasty and rather untrue rumors about
their djing skills and other hygenial problems.
We have cultivated such hate that the end result is
what will take place Saturday, August 4th @
Lava (1270 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL).
As this date nears, the tension building between all of these
buffs is rising to an uncanny level. Come prepared to see muscles flexed,
shirts ripped, stink eyes being stunk, and a completely
undetermined amount of alcohol consumed.
As always, your pals The Sound Republic & Karl Almaria
will be there as your ring leaders and temporary
bookies holding down markers with the best odds."

Friday, July 27th 2007
DJ Flip & Inbum Cho aka Avondale Music Society
Streetside, 10-2, no cover, Armitage & Kedzie

I added better quality mp3's of my tracks HERE on the track page.

Sunny summer and all it's summerness.
Hope all is well with you fine folks.
I've made a new mix called "Suddenly"
Direct MP3 link here.
Tracklist page and other listening options HERE.
I've noticed iTunes, Beatport, Stompy & Tracksource have been selling
my tracks so I've made a "where to buyl" page HERE.
A big thank you to the DJ Dweck, Andre Leone &
Rob for having me play at Touch in Cleveland.
Also a special thanks goes to Scott Litch
and crew at Lotus Ultra Lounge
in Columbus for having me play.
And one last shout to the man Michael Lacey for having
Andre Leone from Cleveland play at Streetside here in Chicago.
I'm playing at Streetside this Sunday for a day party.

What's up everyone?
WMC is upon us!
I made promo mix cd to hand out while I'm down there.
Thanks go to Eddie Driscoll from Loveslap/Onelabelgroup
for helping me get the cd's and cases printed.
The first half of the cd is a preview of the
album I'm working on, along with a couple of
bootlegs thrown in for good measure.
The second half is a preview of the
Onelabelgroup catalog
(Loveslap, Magnetic, Oomph, Sneakbeats, and others).
I designed the CD and case artwork .

Cardboard CD case


I'll also have about 10 copies of my recent 12" release on Loveslap recordings to give away as well.
I'm scheduled to play @ 3:00pm on Saturday
at the Whitelaw hotel for Grizzled Miami
which is being thrown by Spatula City and Bunchlox.
Surprise guest is Troydon.
12pm-5am, Free, 808 Collins.

Here is a link to an interview I did in Oct of 2005
in Honolulu, Hawaii on the Sovery show
hosted by Ms. Angel and Haboh.
Delve into the mind of Avondale Music Society.
Here is a link to their wonderful website
a link to the full unedited show.
Lastly, check out this video of me playing last year in Cleveland.
It was put together by
the fantastic DJ Dweck of Cleveland Ohio.
He edited the video and combined it with some
of my set from that night.

1 -17-07
Happy New Year!
Record release party info.

Well, here we are, about to finish up another year.
I hope everyone got some good things done
and had a little fun too.
I'd like to thank Rick of Allay Soul for
having me play at the Note.
I really enjoyed the party.
Also, thanks go to Michael Lacey
for having me play
at Streetside.
Always a good time!
I've been awarded the ASCAP Plus award
for new artists for the 3rd year in a row.
Props to house music.
Booked my trip for WMC 2007.
I'm working on some bookings
so hopefully I'll be playing while I'm down there.

I'll have some aMs promos
showcasing the various projects I've
been working on this year.
Hit me up if you see me.
Lastly, I'd like to tell you about
my first EP which is available now on Loveslap Recordings.
Thanks to Charles, Eddie, and Juan of
Loveslap for making it happen.
Ray Noland of http://creativerescue.org/
designed the wonderful label art.

Sound clips:


Here is the one-sheet write up,
"Every once in awhile a record comes along that is so different from the rest,
that we just have to take notice.
Chicago's Inbum Cho aka the Avondale Music Society,
who is responsible for a string of unique underground tracks that
have been praised by the house community's
most respected talents has brought us one of these records."

The vinyl is available at the online retailers below.

I believe the MP3's go on sale about
6 months to 1 year after the vinyl release.

CHICAGO Gramaphone (instore only).
They had a couple in stock last week so phone first. (773) 472-3683
SF Primal
Emeryville, CA Dance Records
Washington, DC DJ Hut
NYC Dancetracks (CURRENTLY IN TOP 20 CHART!) & Opus Records
New Jersey Music is Everything
Stoughton, MA Elevate Your Mind (FREE SHIPPING ON US ORDERS)

UK Juno
Italy Disco Inn Shop & Mainstreet Records
Germany Ax Records & Word & Sound & Web Records & DjShop.de & HipHopVinyl
Nederlands 4 DJs Only & Astral Music
Hungary DjShop.hu
Poland? No Tape
Franch/Germany/Switzerland Ex Libris

Japan Queen's Sound & Afterhourz

Crosstalk & Unique Distribution

Hope everyone is happy & healthy.
I've got a new deep/acidy/underground mix for you to check out.
>>>> "The System" <<<<
A little bit harder than what I usually do, but definitely worth a listen.
Tracklisting included.
Thanks to Ricky for having me at play
at the "I Love House Music" Wednesdays
at the Note.
Props and respect to Haboh and Ms. Angel
of Honolulu Hawai and "The So Very" show on KTUH.
They came out to Chicago and rocked it at all three shows
they played.
Also, thanks to Michael Lacey for hosting them at the Streetside.
I've been making alot of tracks.
Hopefully some of these will see the light of day.
I'm playing this Friday.
Info in events section.

What up peeps.
Still doing my thing,
working on tracks, djing, etc....
Thanks to Ricky for having me
play at Clybar and Michael Lacey for
having me out at Streetside many times
this summer.

4 -1-06
Level 9 thank you to Karl of Bunchlox
and Aaron of DAE for having me play
in Miami.
Check out the WMC 2006 Promo mix here.
Cricky Cricky.

2 -15-06
Thanks to Michael Lacey for
having me play at Streetside two Fridays back.
The disco vibe was tight!

1 -31-06
Events updated.

1 -17-06
Special thanks go to
Dwreck, StoutXTC, Mike Metz,
Alex Forte, Justin, Nox, Mike Strauss,
Jesse, Sherry, Andre, Darrel Sound, Paul, Mark,
Jason, Papa G, Doug, Touch Supperclub,
Twist lounge, the dancers and everyone else that made my
visit to Cleveland a memorable one.

Friday night at touch (pics by Mike Metz and Dweck)....
(don't mind my joe classel-like pose:)
ha ha--> 10-08-0555

Saturday night at Twist....

Happy Holidays.
I've finally recorded a mix!!!
Here's the link for the high quality MP3 (192 kbps)...
Inbum Cho - Wintry Mix (right click "save target as...")
It starts off a bit deeper, but don't let that scare you off.
It goes all crunchy for awhile and then comes back down again.
Go here for the tracklisting and more listening options...
Clicky Clicky

Let's see, there is this new track I made called "Skid"
and it seems like people are digging it.
Should be out on vinyl sometime in the new year.
More info to come shortly.

I know I am painfully behind in updating my mixtape list.
Most of the stuff I've been getting has been readily available online anyways.

I designed a series of fairly ridiculous flyers
when I was working as a designer for Sears in Hoffman Estates, IL from 2000-2004.
Go here to see them all.

Click Me!

I'm playing in Ohio on MLK's birthday weekend.
Thanks to Dweck for the booking!

Thanks to Michael Lacey for
having me play at Streetside.

Crazy super excellent massive props
go to the Hawaii crew for
showing me and my woman a good time.
When in Hawaii, go check out Ms. Angel, Haboh, Dj Kryptyck and
Ira play their wonderful house sound.

I'm still here!
First off I want to thank Karl and Michael
for the letting me play a "not so hot" set with my broken
wrist at their Sunday Showdown day party at Streetside August 28th.

Next I want to thank John Simmons for having me play
for his Saturday night at Streetside September 24th.
I got to redeem myself a little and learned to cope with my
broken wrist while playing.

Also, thanks go to Karl and Josh Harrell for having
me play as Streetside September 29th for their B-sides Thursdays.
My set was recorded so I'll be passing that around shortly.

I've been making some new tracks, so keep your ears open.

This is the 2nd year that I've been awarded the ASCAP Plus Award.
Hey, they recognize house! That's cool.

5 -28-05
Thanks go to
Tripple J and Marshall
for having me on their most
excellent online radio show,
"Good Housekeeping with Plate C Studios".

It's been awhile.
I hope everyone is doing well.
Just wanted to thank
Michael Lacey & Janette Gilmartin
for hosting a great 5th year
anniversary party for
Deep Sensation Fridays
at Streetside.
I had a blast playing for everyone.
Three more unreleased tracks
available for download at
A techy number, as well as,
one of my earliest tracks, "Keys". The third one
is also older and has a bubbly, loopy feel.

Happy New Year!
Thanks to the Relode crew
for having me play this past
Wednesday. Thanks
go to Greg Rodrieguez for
organizing a great
New Years Eve party.
Keeping the loft tradition alive!
Three more tracks
available for download at
Big love to all the peeps
buying my tracks!

Three more tracks
available for download at
All the tracks have been
retooled for stompy
so if you have received a CD
from me in past
and liked the tracks,
go get the final mixes.
aMs @ stompy!!!!


Mixtape list updated.

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know
that some of my unreleased material
is available for download at
one of the top house music mp3 sites.
You can download a high quality mp3 for $1.49,
Or if you are a DJ or a stickler for audio quality,
you can download the full quality WAV or AIFF file for $1.99.
Here is the direct link to five of my tracks on the site.....

Events updated.

Inbum Cho
Avondale Music Society

Events updated.

Tom Stephan of Superchumbo
plays "Rockfeed" on his Kiss100 show.
Check it out here.

Props to Greg for organizing
a great party at Dante's.
More to come.

Thanks to Michael, Janette,
and everyone that came out last night.
I had a memorable night.
Mixtape list updated.
Events updated.


Dj mixes updated.

Two parties coming up.
Mixtape list updated.
Events updated.

Thanks to Mel Hammond and Dave Radbell
for having me play The Sunset Trip at Lelia Jane's.
The Dip was very good.

Summer is here!
Events updated.
Mixtape list updated.


Thanks to Marcel, Lucas and Adam for
having me play Mamby at Moonshine.
Happy hour power!


Kascade reviews "Rockfeed" in June's URB magazine.
Thanks for the hot review Kascade!
Buy it on Bunchlox #8 coming out in July.


It's been awhile.
Mixtape list updated.


Bootleg, Inbum-style make's its way
to Igloo Records #11 in the form of "Boxbeat".
Limited pressing so go get you some.

Mixtape list updated.

Ok that was fun.
Thanks to Marc and Albert
for having me play at
The Present Tension at the Abbey Pub.
Respect goes to Popkan, Billy D., and....


Thanks to Seth, Chris, Hiroki, and Slick's
for having the crew play at Wish you were here Thursdays.
I know everyone had a great time.
Next Friday I'm opening the night for the
Luomo show at the Abbey Pub.
Check the Events Section for
all the info.


Thanks to Michael and Janette
for having me play at Streetside for
the Deep Sensation 3 year anniversary Party.
You guys rock!!
Next week is
the All Crew Massive
at Slick's.
Check the Events Section for
the dope ass flyer and all the info.
Gonna be a party for sure.

Hello world.
Some nice events happening
this week and next in Chicago.
Come say hi.
Hopefully this is the
year for aMs!
Good things are a brewin'.
Events updated.
Mixtape list updated.


Well, once again we go
into deep freeze here in
Aaron Roberts of 2 Hands productions,
Arizona rocked the spot on Friday.
It was great having you play

Happy New Year!
Thanks to...
Karl Almaria of Bunchlox Music,
X'ESS, Zentra,
Relode, Vision, and Spundae
for having me play this weekend.
Gotta love that big room sound.
Also thanks go to my friends
for supporting.
Hugs all around.
Events updated.
Mixtape list updated.

Happy Holidays.
Events updated.

Mixtape list updated.

Thanks to Michael and Janette
for having me play at Streetside for
Deep Sensation.
Also, a big warm hug to DK
and all the people
that contributed to such a fine evening.
I had a great time playing for everyone.


Thanks to Gabe, Birdie, and
team Zuvuya for letting me
play some techno on
Zuvuya Sessions Radio tonight.
Check out the site for the
archive of the nights music.
Zuvuya Radio.

Mixtape list updated.
Events updated!

Thanks to Sombionx, Lady J,
and crew for having me play at
Tini Martini for "Dance Til Sunday".

Events updated.

"Grab bag" posted in dj mixes!!!
This is the mix I did for an
accessories store opening.
Hangbags and such.
Not hangbag house though,
more like grab bag house.
DJ Inbum Cho--"Grab Bag "
Setlist included!

Mixtape list updated.

New mix posted in dj mixes!!!
I made another new mix this
weekend for promotion purposes.
A rough n' tough house mix with
two new aMs tracks.
DJ Inbum Cho--"Day 9"
Setlist included!

I'll add "Grab bag" soon.

I will be adding an
eclectic mix
called "Grab bag" I did for
a store opening soon,
as well as...... new tracks!!
Stayed tuned!
Download Winamp v2.91
and watch streaming video at work.
It's fun.
Mixtape list updated.

Major props to Greg Rodriegez
for making Monkey Bars II happen.
Can anyone say undaground?
Mixtape list updated.

Mixtape list updated.

Thanks to Stephen P for having me
play at Darkroom on friday. I had a

Thanks to Mark Perra, Aaron Roberts,
Rick Ramirez, Juan, Amy, the rest of the peeps
I met in Arizona this past weekend. I had
a blast playing and partying in your fine state.
Events updated.
Mixtape list updated.

I've been out of high school for ten years!

Events updated!

Thanks to Adam and Lucas
from Relode for having me
play at En:Vision2.
Major props to DJ Journee
for putting together a great block party.
Those speakers were heavy!!
Mindshift forever!
Boxbeat by AMS in guest reviewer section
of Aug issue of BPM.
Thanks to Diz for some major props.
Mindshift records #2 with tracks
by AMS, Gabe Palomo,
DJ Journee,and DJ Flip
reviewed in the Sept issue of BPM.
Someone turn the heat down!

Events updated.
Thanks to Marshall and Tripple J
from Plate C for having me
play "Lovelee Thursdays"
webcast. Check their stream
for exclusive AMS live pa's!

Events updated.
Thanks to Adam and Lucas
from Relode for having me
play at Localized!

Events updated.
Thanks to Rob Merrit for
having me play at the
undershorts space afterhours.
Big ups to Paul Johnson
on a dope 6:00am set!

Thanks to Michael Lacey
and Janette Gilmartin (sp?)
for having me play this past Friday.
I had a blast!

happy independence day!
just back from new york
and martha's vineyard.
i'm a lobster!

vacation good,
work bad.

I was exploring
the darker regions of my computer
and I found some pretty weird stuff
I recorded live a couple years ago.
I put it in the tracks section.
Listen at your own risk.

Friendster has brought down
my productiivity at work by 97%.
That shit is stupid slow too.
Someone please send me promos and whites
cause I haven't been record shopping in ages.

Heat and Humidity.

Happy summer solstice!
I'm going to start using the water as my info section.
Nothing to report yet. Wait, I take that back,
I finished a working version of a remix I'm doing.
John Spice "128Nevo (Inbum's AMS remix)"
I'll post it to the mix section maybe.