Day 9

tracklist 11/1/03
  1. Hithouse--Jack to the Sound of the Underground (Inbum's aMs bootleg dub)--CDR
2. Grant Dell--Good Music a Play--Worship
3. Jaz--Rise--Jump
4. Wet Dreams--CF New Dawn Beats--Twisted
5. Mike Grant--The Struggle of My People (Mr. G's hope reprize)--Duty Free
6. Lemon Drops--Monopolowa Dub--Fair Park
7. Pleasure Dome--12 Minutes to Do It (Wild Pitch mix)--Power Music
8. Aphrohead--Love Your Enemy--Clashbackk
9. Blue Boy--Sandman (Junk is dub)--Ascension
10. John Spice--128Nevo (Inbum's aMs mix #2)--Deeper Soul
11. Jordan Fields--I Wanna Thank You--Mo Wax
12. Vulva--Doggy Bag--Softcore 13. Earth People--Bonus Beats--Kool Groove
14. John Campbell--Nice and Slow (Bagheads deep dub)--Ministry of Sound
15. Joshua (IZ)--I Wish (Dub)--Get Up
16. Victor Simonelli--How Many Tears?--Westside